Operational Excellence

Organisations are being disrupted at an ever increasing rate and can find it a challenge to remain operational and competitive. It is essential to be able to adapt and out manoeuvre uncertainty rather than being overcome by it.

Organisational Culture

Culture can be a challenge to articulate, transform and embed and be affected through significant periods of change. To ensure that your culture remains strong and as designed, it is important to first define and understand it.


  • Kalmaer is boutique Advisory / Assurance firm offering you a bespoke, professional, and trustworthy service.
  • We are an energetic, fresh and vibrant team offering a unique mix of industry expertise and knowledge. 
  • We are united by the common goal of working with purpose and passion to deliver an unrivalled service for our clients.

What We Do

  • We provide innovative solutions, unique insights and industry best practice advice, guidance, and assurance.
  • We focus on; Operational Excellence. Organisational Culture.
  • All our services can be provided as either advisory or assurance engagements with frameworks and Risk Control Matrices across organisational resilience.

Why Work With Us?

  • As our client you will find that we speak, write and recommend in plain language.
  • We work as if we are one organisation with yours and bring our best to the table in every interaction.​
  • We will guide and support you before, during and after the engagement to ensure a successful result.
  • We will not bid with one level of resource but send a more junior team to do the work.
  • You will find our costs are more competitive than you would expect due to a virtual team and no physical infrastructure to support.

We’re here to help